UPDATED 6/16/19 

Wow my website has been REALLY out of date!!! Between college, moving and club responsibilities- I let it go ALOT!!

I think for about 3 years- You can find me on face book though too at:

The Mosaic Menagerie 

We did move to a 10 acre farm in fall of 2017!!

I have Rhinelander rabbits I picked back up in Fall of 2016 

after a 5 year break from rabbits. 

I added Registered Mini Nubian Goats  and Kunekune pigs in  2018.

And Guineas as free rangers (free loaders?).

In 2017 my mom's Polish moved to my farm to and for a few months we had 7 colors of Polish here but have reduced it back to just 


Tolbunt, Tolbunt splits, and  WC Black. 

WC Blue may come back though soon.