The roosters

First year I am keeping boys back from the tolbunt x tolbunt breeding pen.

kept 2 frizzle boys (Pan (was suppose to be a pullet) and Poe)

  and a smooth cockerel I thought was a girl.... but he turned into a boy....... amazing crest though.






Some of the hens & pullets currently in the breeding pens:

  All were bred by me but 2 tolbunts- Fraggle and Speck were bred by Natalie

  (not all breeding birds are pictured below)

    and the gold lace split was bred by Illia






Alice the Gold Lace split  (from Illia in WA) she is a '12 hatchling out of a Green Acre tolbunt rooster and a gold lace hen



   Using splits in a tolbunt breeding program is VERY important to help broaden the lines and continue correcting the type.



Above: Abby color changes from 4 weeks to almost 3 year old


Fraggle & Princess about 4 months old to almost 2 years old