we have 3 unregistered Kunekunes currently, may add a few registered  pigs in 2019. our current ones are just for meat production. their babies- not them.               

    Kunekune is a small New Zealand breed of lard pig. In the Maori language Kunekune means "fat and round". We choose Kunekunes due to their gentle nature, pasture grazing, and since they are not known often to test fences or root the earth much. We wanted a pig breed that would be able to live with the goats preferably. 

    Kunekune breed has a large range in size depending on what they are bred for- pets or meat. They still are MUCH smaller than meat hogs and even the large ones rarely get close to 400 lbs if they are not overweight. They do take longer to grow, but have more of a reddish marbled with fat meat- and much smaller cuts of meat. Our girls came from parents around 200 lbs, and our boy's parents were a little bigger than that.