The "fine" print of picks/deposits.     

 Doeling/Buckling lists will be sent down the waiting list in order someone was placed on the lists.

Waiting list info:

      1. We no longer are keeping waiting lists - except for people with show/DHIA performance herds

OR if a nonrefundable deposit is placed at time of reservation.  

(Doe and buck lists are separate lists- currently do not offer “by pairing/by dam” reservations). 



          2. Being a performance herd is very important to us and we would love the honor to have our kids placed in other performance herds to know how our pairings are meeting their potential. Therefore - let us know if you're a performance herd (ie actively participating in DHIA milk testing programs, MDGA V-Shows, and/or live shows) as that will make you eligible for being notified of available kids before they are offered publicly



          3. If you place a deposit- you need to let me know what you are looking for in a kid at that time **COLOR/MARKINGS/EYE COLOR are not accepted as required criteria**. We will discuss and agree upon things before a deposit is accepted. If there is a kid available to you that meets what you were looking for your deposit must be used that year or it will be forfeited. If there was NO goat available to you that year that meets what you stated were looking for- a refund will be offered or you may choose to move your deposit to the next year- it will be placed below any current deposits already for that year.



d)        4. You must be 18 years or older to send deposit. If someone under 18 wants an animal from us- their parent or legal guardian will have to send payment and be included on the sale contract.



e)     5. IF YOU ARE ON AOUR WAIT LIST- You have 12 hours to pick & send deposit (if deposit was not already received) or pass on currently available babies. Once you pick or pass (or 12 hours passes) I move on to the next person for the current list until I reach the end of the list. I just do not have endless days for people to take when picking. Review the goats in pairings posted before kidding is to occur- I purposely put a lot of info on each goats personal page for people to make decisions off of. Ask questions if the info you need is not there. Make a top 5 pairing list for ones you want the most and a “black list” of pairing you do NOT want a baby from. That will help reduce feeling over whelmed when it is time to pick!!



f)        6. Deposits are $100 and NONREFUNDABLE once a kid is picked (Electronic payments are via Paypal's friends & family option ONLY) remainder is due by or at pick up.  



   I have the right to terminate a sale for any reason. 

  If I terminate the sale- deposit (or full price of animal if paid in full) is returned.


   7. All of our goats have been tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes yearly. Anyone too young to test yet has come from farm that tests if they weren't born here. All goats in our breeding program are G6S negative via testing or parentage traced to a test done via MDGA records by breeder they were bought from.


  8. Bucklings that I like (and would consider bringing back as a stud later) are are offered as intact males only. I do not wether unless I feel it should be a wether due to dam's attachments, conformational dislike on my part, or another reason. If you are looking for a wether for a pet- please let me know. Note I do not register wethers normally- if you need them registered for your fair please let me know as I do make exceptions for that.



Kid heath & pick up/ transport Info:

        A. Non-polled goats will come dehorned- note- scurs can happen. I dehorn bucks by 1 week old to try to avoid this.


b)        B. Goats will come with age-appropriate CDT vaccines depending on when they leave- they may need one or both still if they are young when they leave the farm. We also treat for coccidia as a precaution for their best health. They are treated every 3 weeks as a precaution as well as getting medicated feed.



c)        C. We dam raise kids here, but do expose them to the bottle for ease of feeding on milk testing days. All kids must be paid in full and picked up by 8 weeks of age. IF your chosen kid refuses to drink from the bottle (when they are here)- they may stay until 12 weeks of age as we want our kids to have the best start possible. You will be notified of this and offered the option of keeping them here until 12 weeks old if this is the case. Any kids that accept bottles and are not picked up by 10 weeks will have boarding fees added weekly for continued care until pick up (14 weeks for those that refuse bottle here).



d)       D. If we have an unplanned bottle baby (or need to make a kid a bottle baby for air travel which needs to be discussed at time of reservations being made); they may leave as early as 3 weeks old and only to someone with successful prior bottle baby experience.



e)      E. Buyer is responsible for setting up & paying for transportation. I prefer farm pick up transportations verses having to meet people more than an hour away as it is easier with my work schedule. If airline shipping is needed I can help with setting that up (and may have crates available due to my own shipping in of goats); I will not fly goats over 9 weeks old due to kennel requirements. There may be additional fees for gas and time added depending on where I have to meet transport/ distance of airport needed. 



f)        All kids are healthy to our knowledge when they leave here, if something pops up here you will be notified beforehand as the kid needs to stay until it is ok. Please check over kids before you leave with them. If they are going on transport they will have a health certificate done prior at BUYERS expense and a video of them before leaving will be taken as well and sent to you. (never had an issue after sale- but you never know)




I reserve the right to add to this list as necessary with no notice as the need arises. 

(ie- if a snafu pops up I need a game plan statement for).