Our Current Does

Tilly 3*P  (F3)

              MDGA 305 day top 10 list in 2020 
    MDGA 305 day top 10 list in 2021 (2 categories)
                    (Monsoon 2*P x Hawkeye *B)

VMCH Sin 2*P  (F5)

   MDGA 305 day top 10 list in 2021 (2 categories)

Firefly 3*P (F4)

                      (Damsel 2*P x Nomad)

Nebula  3*P (F4)

                    (VMCH Sin 2*P x Nomad) 

 Opal (F6)

                     (VMCH Sin 2*P x Count *B) 

 Bunny (F6)

                    (2-Socks x Hawkeye *B)     

 Lassi (F6)

                 (Clementine *P x Hawkeye *B)     

 Finny (F5)

                       (Nebula 3*P x Count *B)

 Tessa (F5)

                     (Countess 3*P x Count *B)

Flutterby (F4)

                   (Damsel 2*P x Outlaw *B)

Moon (F4)

                      (Tilly 3*P x Outlaw *B)

Current jr does

 (may thin down.... or add more ..... goat math is hard)

                                                                                                      but hay is not free.......

Pixie (F3)

                         Promise x Starry*B

Poppy (F5)

                       Flower 4*P  x Starry*B

Celestial (F6)

                          Opal  x Starry*B

Dancer (F5)

                     Countess 3*P  x Starry*B

Glo-Bug (F5)

                     Firefly 3*P x Outlaw *B

Diamond (F6)

                   VMCH Sin 2*P x Outlaw *B

Paprika (F2)

                      Saffron *P x Outlaw *B

Daisy (F4)

                         Tilly 3*P x Swiss *B

Mouse (F4)

                          Bunny x Swiss *B

TBA (F3)

                         Phoenix x Swiss *B

Nebula's doeling is available again.  I have 6 does out of Sin's doe line as keepers, Nebula's doeling is lovely- but I don't need a 7th  and not ready to cut any of the other 6 until next year or the following.


 If Nebula's daughter leaves and they want 2 doelings so the one is not alone- Phoenix's girl is who will be offered with Nebula's girl.

 Phoenix's girl gives me a 3rd doeling for Swiss as I decided to part with him in Oct. But he will be bred to 2 does that are does I plan to keep at least 1 doeling from- so I would still have my 3 to milk test *if a doeling is born*. 

TBA (F5)

                       (Nebula 3*P x Sid)