Sin and Nomad had twins 

on 3/15/2021 

1 doeling and one buckling


Mosaic's Tigereye Nebula


"Mosaic's Wizard's Stone" 

Clementine and Hawkeye had twins 

on 3/16/2021 

2 bucklings

Mosaic's Saint Elias *B- C.B. 

Now Resides at 

Summit Acres Farm

     Mosaic's Nerves of Steel *B- M.R

now resides at 

Hill View Farm Mini Milkers

Damsel and The Count had triplets 

on 3/21/21 

1 doeling & 2 bucklings

      "Mosaic's Moose Tracks *B" - C.C. 

            Lilly- Pet Doeling- M.K.

     "Fudge" Wether- M.S.P.

Moo and Nomad had triplets 

on 4/3/2021 

3 bucklings