2022 Breeding plans: 

Will start breedings in Oct this year for March kids

Babies will be F6 (purebred) & bucks will have *B 

blue eyes & moonspots possible

Clem produces ALOT of milk- even with twins on her full time you have to milk her out at least daily. Her daily average is around a gallon, but has almost doubled that in peak production. She is excellent to hand milk due to good teat size and milks down quickly. I am repeating the breeding to Hawkeye as I REALLY want a doe from this cross- and both breeding before resulted in just boys the last 2 years. Very pretty boys that all 3 are standing as studs at farms in MI and KY.

Babies will be F3 & bucks will have *B 

  moonspots possible

Monsoon is a dream to milk- streams like firehoses!!! Her teats are LARGE and easy to hand milk. Milks out quick and produces alot. This is another repeat breeding- as I LOVE the doe I got from the two of them 3 years ago. 

Babies will be F4 & bucks will have *B

Moonspots possible
This is a repeat breeding from last year.  I am expecting buckskins and Chocolate/blacks from this cross. Damsel is fabulous to milk and her teat diameter is good for hand milking or the machine. She had mastitis her first year so her udder is uneven, but holds alot of milk still!! 

Babies will be F4 & bucks will have *B

moonspots possible- Bucks will have *B

Tilly is a small package that produces alot of milk and is easy to hand milk or use the machine with. as a bonus she also shows well in both live and virtual shows. I do plan to retain another daughter out of her this year. 

Dotty is being bred at her farm she is coming from to Sunstone *B . I am VERY excited about this cross and will likely retain a doeling AND a buckling from the breeding.

Babies will be F4 & bucks will have *B